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BlueRacer - Keep your unit tests fast

Unit tests tend to get slower with time, wasting developer and machine hours. BlueRacer helps you keep your tests fast by posting a unit test performance summary on every Pull Request.

Get Started

Any test runner

BlueRacer supports any test runner that can export test results to a junit.xml file. This is most of them.

Any CI service

BlueRacer supports any CI service that can download and run a bash script. This is most of them.

Pull Requests

BlueRacer integrates tightly into GitHub, blocking the merge of any Pull Request that slows down your test suite.

Additional resources

BlueRacer Blog

New features, tips & tricks, along with more general writings and rants on everything related to testing.

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Awesome test speedup

A collection of tips & tricks to make your tests faster. It is Python specific, but definitely applicable to other languages as well.