Consult With Testing Experts#

Are you overwhelmed by all the things you need to do to keep your test suite healthy? Let us help you!

We are a group of experienced Python developers with a passion for testing. We have 40+ years of testing experience between us. Our rate is €170 per hour, with discounts available for bulk purchases, non-profits and asynchronous work. Contact us with a brief description of what you need help with and let’s have a talk!

Prolific open source hacker, happy to take on even the most obscure architectures. Author of multiple open source tools in different languages.

Senior Python developer, experienced with Web and mobile backends. Author of the popular testmon pytest plugin that selects and executes only tests you need to run.

Long-time Python developer, mostly experienced with Pyramid & Plone. Doing some Nix and Elm on the side. Author of plone.api and pyramid_openapi3.