Pull Request integration improvements

Published: 2022/11/06 Last updated: 2022/11/07 By: Neyts Zupan

Less bot noise

GitHub App bots posting multiple comments on your Pull Request quickly become annoying. That is why BlueRacer will default to updating its existing report comment instead of posting a new one.

You can revert back to “every report in a separate comment” mode by adding the following to your .blueracer.cfg file.

update_existing_comment = True

Block merging of Pull Requests

Instead of just posting a comment that a Pull Request’s tests are slower than the main branch, BlueRacer can also prevent the Pull Request from being merged (except by a repo admin). Thresholds for how much slower tests need to be for the block to take effect can be configured using the [fail] section in your .blueracer.cfg file.

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