BlueRacer is live!

Published: 2022/10/01 Last updated: 2022/10/05 By: Neyts Zupan

Slow tests annoy me. Slow tests in a repo that used to have fast tests annoy me like nothing else.

This happens to me often. I come back to a repo I worked on in the past, only to find the tests have grown slow.

But no more! The freshly released BlueRacer GitHub app monitors tests duration and posts a comment to every Pull Requests clearly stating if tests have gotten slower, like so:


At the moment, it only supports tracking durations of pytest tests running in GitHub Actions, but support for other CIs and languages is coming soon™. Sign up to the newsletter to keep notified with updates.


      - uses: actions/[email protected]
          name: blueracer
          path: test_durations.csv

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